About Prestige Tours Ireland

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat – May the road rise to meet you

At Prestige Tours Ireland our goal is to foster a connection between our guests and our native land. We want our clients to finish the tour not only with memories of locations and activities that they will cherish for a lifetime, but also to feel that they have gained a deep and meaningful understanding of everything that has contributed to the romance, poetry, and sometimes scarred beauty of Ireland.

We believe that the most rewarding and valuable way for our clients to build this connection is to experience Ireland with our passionate, experienced, and certified driver guides, and with a tour designed specifically around their needs, interests, and requirements. 

Quite simply, this is because clients gain more from their Irish tour when it is tailored specifically for them. We provide a tailored itinerary built by a specialist tour planner completely free for you and remove all the obstacles and restrictions that other tour operators impose and instead build custom tours designed to directly address all your needs on your travels in Ireland.

We started this page with the Gaelic version of the phrase ‘May the road rise to meet you’ because we can help you realize all of your ambitions for your tour of Ireland. When you think of the Emerald Isle what comes to mind? Is it the wild, rugged, and magical landscapes, the fascinating and at times combustible history and culture of the land that gave the world James Joyce, Enya, and Michael Collins to name just a few. Or is it perhaps settling down in a log fire heated old Irish bar to enjoy a Whiskey or Guinness with the locals? Well, Ireland is all of this and much, much more and we can’t wait for you to discover it all with us.


Our luxury vehicles

We take great pride in the quality of our transportation options; making sure you receive the best service possible while touring our beautiful country. Our tours are generally conducted in executive class Mercedes vehicles, but if you have a preference for another brand, model, or style, please let your tour operator know in advance and we will try our best to organize your perfect luxury vehicle for your tour.